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"Remember the days of old, consider the years long past..."
Deuteronomy 32:7

St. Christopher's Mission came into being as the result of a Diocesan Development Survey in 1955, the purchase by the Church of the Advent of 22 acres of land in a new subdivision, and the interest and support of Advent members and clergy. Fourteen families from the Church of the Advent accepted the challenge, and an Interim Mission Committee was elected on June 23, 1960. This was followed by a picnic held on the property on July 20, at which time the name of St. Christopher's Church was chosen. The first service was held on September 4, 1960 in a mobile chapel furnished by the Diocese. The congregation was too large for the little chapel, so further services were held at Spartanburg High School.

The first vicar was the Reverend George M. Maxwell, who came in June, 1961, after his graduation from seminary. The first service in the original sanctuary was on Maundy Thursday, 1963. Parish status was achieved in early 1964, and the educational wing was built in 1965. The Rev. Mr. Maxwell accepted a call to a church in Sarasota, Florida, in 1966, and for one year St. Christopher's was without a rector.

The Reverend Fred F. Valentine became the second rector, and was followed shortly by The Reverend Rogers S. Harris, who served from 1969 until he was elected Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina in December, 1984. The multi-purpose building was built during his years at St. Christopher's and was dedicated as the Rogers S. Harris Family Center in 1986. 


[christopher C churchmouse came to live in our rafters while Bishop Harris was here.]

The Reverend Michael R. Lumpkin became rector in September 1985. In 1992, St. Christopher's broke ground on its new worship space. Doubling the seating capacity from 220 to 450, our new building is designed to make more "room in the inn" for those persons God brings to us as fellow ministers in this community. The new sanctuary was consecrated on November 20, 1994. In November, 1995, the Rev. Mr. Lumpkin accepted a call to Summerville, South Carolina, and our Assistant, The Reverend Tom Rutherford, became Interim Rector until receiving a call to Church of the Messiah, Winter Garden, Florida, in August, 1996.

The Reverend Charles Davis, Jr., was called to be Rector in December, 1996. The Reverend Gail Long joined us as Assistant in June, 2000. In June, 2001, the Rev. Mr. Davis accepted a call to Trinity Cathedral, Columbia, as Canon Pastor and Subdean. The Reverend Terry Martin became Interim Rector in August, 2001. The Rev. Ms. Long left us in May, 2002.

The Reverend Brother George N. Gray, Jr., OCP, was called to be Rector in June, 2002, and began his ministry with us on August 11, 2002. Rev. Gray was called to another ministry in May, 2008.

The Reverend Canon Michael Bullock served as Interim Vicar from the end of May till July, 2008. At this time, The Reverend C. Alex Barron, Jr., took over the interim position till November, 2009. The Reverend Joseph K. Smith was appointed as Vicar by Bishop Henderson in December, 2009, and started his official duties in January, 2009. He came to us from St. Matthew's Episcopal Church, also in Spartanburg.

In 2014, Father Joseph accepted a call to a church in Pennsylvania. Father Jim Trimble became Vicar of St. Christopher's. He had served previously as rector of St. James Episcopal Church in Pewee Valley, Kentucky.

  St. Christopher's Episcopal Church
St. Christopher's Episcopal Church reveals the light of Christ as a beacon of love in the world.

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